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Grow Your Understanding of Scripture Weekly BYOB Class

Teaching Pastor, Tim Ayers, leads a weekly class and study on theology and the books of the Bible. In this class, you will learn about the world behind the text in the ancient world of the people of Israel, the world of the text in the writing style and intentions of the authors, and the world in front of the text to learn how the Bible applies to us today.

Pastor Tim is currently teaching on the book of Mark. Join us on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. to learn more about the author and intention behind this gospel story!

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Understanding the Bible is Possible

With just a bit of focused effort, you too can better understand the biblical scriptures. 

The World Behind the Text  This gives us the historical backdrop of what we are reading. It tells us who the author is and who the passage is written to, including the culture and what life was like at the time.

The World of the Text  This includes the literary features: poetry, imagery, repetition and contrast, highlighting the relationship from one passage to the others around it and the connection from one book to another.

The World in Front of the Text  This is our world, more specifically your world. When you study the world in front of the text, you bring your perspective and world views to the Bible and it comes alive; it begins to speak to you.

Book of Mark Video Archive

Ready to start from scratch? We've got you a covered with a comprehensive video archive from the book of Mark teachings.

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