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Tuesday Sep 13

What's Important to You? Five Aspects of Creation Care

Low-impact Living

With so much waste generated by our modern lifestyles, we place an unsustainable burden on Creation. This team educates and encourages our community to adopt conscientious, eco-friendly habits at home, church, school, and work that reduce our ecological footprint.


As large-scale agriculture and suburban sprawl has become the norm, the diversity of plant and animal species has collapsed dramatically, water quality has suffered, and indigenous plant communities are losing out to invasive species. This team focuses on reestablishing biodiverse habitats, promoting the use of native plants in landscaping and improving wildlife diversity. 

Sustainable Food & Gardening

Organic and sustainable food production techniques restore soil health and increase yields naturally, while providing people with nutritious and healthy fruits and vegetables. This team encourages and equips ordinary people to rediscover the joys of growing their own food, as well as working together in our Grace Community Gardens, which provide thousands of pounds of fresh, organic produce each year to Grace Care Center.

Caring for Animals

A heartbreaking outcome of humanity’s neglect of Creation is the suffering and pain inflicted on both wild and domesticated animals. This team works to restore the relationship between humanity and animals while advocating for a far more conscientious posture in the ways we interact with our fellow creatures.

Clean Energy

Overreliance on fossil fuels has become one of the chief contributors to climate change, to polluting the Earth, and to creating undue hardships on struggling communities worldwide. This team promotes and encourages reducing energy use through efficiencies as well as use of renewable energy sources to help our community free itself from a dependence on sources that hurt the planet.

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