Bible Class for Bible SkepticsExplore common Bible critiques and discover a path forward

Do you struggle to trust the Bible's authority or know someone who does? Do the weird laws, disturbing stories, and confusing claims of scripture lead to doubt or skepticism? Are you stuck in your journey of faith? If so, you are invited to our four-week Bible Class for Bible Skeptics.

This class will not be about apologetics or trying to convince you not to doubt. Instead, this class will be a safe, honest exploration of common critiques of the Bible and a possible path forward in the midst of skepticism.

In the class we will explore how the Bible came to be, questions of inerrancy and reliability, uncomfortable issues such as apparent misogyny and the "wrath of God," and biblical claims which seem to contradict modern science and culture. All are welcome to join the conversation. We just ask you to come with an open mind and a willingness to wrestle along with us.

*No advance registration required

Room: W161 (Students) (building map)