Men's Life Study - 146th

Join other men on a quest to discover who God is and what He has to say to our personal struggles and challenges that we face in life. Learn life-transforming Biblical principles that apply to us as men, husbands, fathers, and friends.

Whether you are new to faith or have been following Jesus your whole life, this is for you! Bring your questions and doubts and we will share with you what we’ve uncovered to be true from God’s Word. Let's jump in together and discover the deep, rich strength and wisdom that comes from knowing God personally. This session we'll be studying the curriculum titled Reopening Christianity - Red Letter Challenge.

From the Red Letter Challenge website:

What if we had a chance to reopen Christianity? 

“In every obstacle there is opportunity. One major opportunity that has come out of 2020 is the chance for us to examine thoroughly what it truly means to be a Christian. In a world filled with good and great answers, Jesus Christ is still the best answer. You get to be a part of bringing Jesus into this world. Are you ready?”

This Men's Life Study is free to attend. If possible, please register to let us know you're planning to attend.

 *Masks are required inside all of Grace Church campuses.

Registration closed on Tuesday, March 23, 2021