Rooted changes the way people are discipled and impacts holistic spiritual growth while building, launching and sustaining healthy, life-changing small groups here at Grace and in your community. It's done through a 10-week small group discussion plus three life-changing experiences centered around prayer, serving, and caps off with a fun celebration! Whether you're questioning your faith or have been following Jesus your entire life, Rooted will help you begin to see God and your You Were Made for More purpose in new ways!
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Do you believe God has uniquely created you with a purpose and plan? What if you heard God speak and you felt the love of Jesus in a profound way? Imagine yourself in a community of people who cared for you, listened to you and supported you. What if you stepped into the Rooted journey and experienced personal transformation? Rooted is a catalyst for life change where discussion is held in a small group environment, creating a safe space for biblical exploration and practical learning experiences.

Rooted is for anyone looking to connect deeper with God, with Grace, and with the community. If you're in Merge, we also have high school groups, too! Through Rooted you’ll begin to see God in new ways and begin to redefine his plan for your life. Whether you’ve been a Christian for a long time or new to faith in Christ, Rooted has the potential to have a bigger impact on your spiritual growth than anything else you do this year. If you're reading this, Rooted is probably for you!

Registration for the spring experience is now closed. Registration for the fall semester is now open.
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Rooted is offered at all 3 campuses. 

  • Fall Kickoff - September 15  (Calendar)

  • Winter Kickoff - January 19  (Calendar)

  • Spring Kickoff - April 19  

Note that all Rooted groups meet onsite during one of the times offered by their campus. Part of the commitment of Rooted Leaders is to attend a weekly training that occurs onsite at each campus before each Rooted meeting. Therefore we do not have offsite Rooted groups available.

The fee is $40 per person. The fee helps to cover the cost of the participant guide, support/training for group leaders, and the celebration meal at the end of the experience. The registration fee will be waived for any leaders leading Rooted for the 2nd time or more. Childcare is $30 per child for the entire 10-week period.

Rooted consists of 10 small group meetings over a 10-week period in addition to three separate experiences. Those three experiences are related to service, prayer, and celebration. Groups will be given a list of dates and times for the prayer and serve experiences, and they will discuss and schedule these experiences within the first two weeks of Rooted. The final celebration is a time for groups from all campuses will come together to celebrate how God has moved in their lives during the experience.

To get the most out of this experience, our hope is that you make a commitment to attend all sessions and participate in the group discussions. If you cannot be there, group dynamics will be impacted. If you know you will miss more than two group meetings, we ask that you attend a different session of Rooted. 

Contact the Rooted director at your campus to begin the leader application process. You will fill out an application form, provide references, and be interviewed by our staff team.

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Our goal is for graduated Rooted groups to continue as ongoing Life Groups. These Life Groups continue the life-change and rhythms of Rooted with regular meeting times and intentional curriculum, training, and experiences that ultimately help you find your place of service and destiny. 


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