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No matter where you are, there’s a group for you. Join a Life Group and experience real relationships that will grow your faith.

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Is it a struggle to find life group curriculum everyone will love? Are you a newer group and unsure where to go next? We've created a Life Groups Curriculum & Resources page just for you! Here you'll find books, study guides, videos, apps, and so much more on the topics you care about.  

Leader Resources

Our goal is to equip you to become a source of encouragement for your group. In return, you'll be able to help build your group into a place of accountability, belonging, and comfort for one another. We hope this page provides you with valuable leadership resources and continually moves you forward in your own faith journey and development as a leader.

Yes! Life Group Leaders are an integral part of Life Group ministry at Grace Church. They recruit, train, and support individuals in their groups as they lead. As we are trying to do a better job equipping you for leading others, we know it's important that you are poured into and grown as a leader!

If you feel that leader coaching would be beneficial to your or your co-leader, use the scheduling form to sign up.

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Whether you're a Rooted, Life Group, or Real Moms leader you are critical to Grace's mission of making disciples. And, we want to ensure you have the training you need to thrive in the area you are serving within groups at Grace. This leader handbook will provide you with the knowledge and help you need to serve well while clearly instilling a vision for the heart of groups. Plus, we've also included helpful resources that you can share with others in your group as well!

Leader Resource Guide

The Prayer Toolbox is a reference guide providing prayer ideas to refresh, renew, and inspire your prayer life, so you can grow ever closer to God.

Before diving in, the most important thing to remember is that God loves you. No matter what you've done (or haven't done), no matter how much you've prayed (or haven't prayed), He loves you all the same. We hope this can be a helpful tool for when you're feeling like you're stuck in a prayer rut.

Prayer Toolbox PDF

When someone's primary needs go beyond what you can provide, we recommend the following resources: visiting the Grace Care Center, meeting with a member from our prayer ministry, scheduling a care appointment, or meeting with a staff member for a counseling referral. 

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Sermon Study Guides

Each week, we'll share the study guide that relates to the sermon for you and your group to discuss and walk through together. Click a specific sermon name to download a PDF study guide.

Week 6: JOSEPH

Sermon from Jul 10, 2022
Dave Rodriguez

Week 7: PETER

Sermon from Jul 17, 2022
Tim Ayers

Week 8: PAUL

Sermon from Jul 24, 2022
Tim Ayers

Week 9: LYDIA

Sermon from Jul 31, 2022
Tim Ayers


Sermon from Aug 7, 2022
Maron Gaffron