Take Your Engagement to Another Level

The Covenant Community is our form of membership. These are folks who connect deeply with Grace's mission and are leaders within our church community!

We meet a few times a year to learn more about what's happening at Grace, what's ahead, and hear from our pastors and leaders.

Questions? Reach Out

How Do I Join?

Step 1: Submit Application
After reviewing the five expectations of Covenant Community members (listed below), submit your Application online.

Step 2: Attend the Membership Class
Once we receive your application, you will be emailed an invitation to attend the next Covenant Community Membership Class where you will learn about Grace’s purpose, the organization and leadership of Grace, how we make decisions, our guidelines and participate in an interview. Membership classes are held a few times each calendar year, and simply require attending a two hour class one weeknight evening.

Following approval of your application and class attendance, you will be commissioned at the next Covenant Community gathering . We are excited for you to join us!

Ready to Get Started?

Begin by taking time to carefully consider and respond to the five expectations of Covenant Community members listed below.

1. I will live as a follower of Jesus and pursue a maturing relationship with him.

2. I will participate in the corporate worship at Grace and with the community of a small group, a ministry team, or a spiritual mentor. 

3. I will use my gifts and abilities to serve God’s Kingdom through the ministries of Grace Church. 

4. I will give generously of my financial and material wealth toward God’s purposes at Grace. 

5. I will make every effort to attend all three Covenant Community Gatherings each year.