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A New Way to Give

We recently switched to a new system to make your online giving easier, faster, and more secure than ever. If you need setup help, scroll down. Thank you for your generosity!

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Account Setup Help

For those that may need a little extra help in setting up their account, we've provided a video and step-by-step help for you below!


1. Click on Give Now. Complete all fields and click Next.

2. Enter your mobile number and click Send Code.

3. Verify the 6-digit security code sent to your phone and click Confirm.  

4. Complete all fields and click Next.  

5. Enter all payment details and click Next. It will ask you to confirm the details, then click Give. 

6. Look for an emailed receipt to confirm your account.


Update Your Account/Payment

If you need to log back into your account to update your profile, gift amount or payment, simply click here