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Church Online

You Were Made for More! Welcome to Grace Church Online

I'm so glad you've decided to explore our online church! Online church services have the power to impact people across the globe. Thanks for checking out our livestream to understand a bit more about who we are, who God is, and what He wants for your life!

Livestreaming our worship services and digital content is a great way to worship together as a church from our homes or anywhere! Our online church services also include an interactive chat so you can connect with pastors and other church members.

Barry Rodriguez

Lead Pastor

Find Prayer & Care In A Difficult Time How Can We Pray for You?

We believe powerful things can happen when we pray for one another and on behalf of one another. If you'd like to submit a prayer request, please click the button below and our prayer team would be honored to pray for you. 

Submit A Prayer Request

Need to Talk One-On-One? Care Appointments

Sometimes talking to a pastor or counselor can bring us closer to God. Sometimes it's just good to have a different perspective speak into our lives. We offer one-on-one "care appointments" that allow you to meet with a Care Ministry Team Member for prayer, encouragement, and resource recommendations.  

Schedule A Care Appointment

Your Questions Answered

You might be new to church in general and even new to the online church experience. It's our desire that you find a new church "home" when viewing our streaming services.  

Our livestream is the extension of weekend services at Grace Church to an online platform and community. It’s a resource for people to check out what Grace Church is all about, as well as for those unable to make it for a weekend service.

To learn more about our mission, values, and beliefs, visit our Beliefs page.

We would be more than happy to answer your questions. Whether you join via livestream every week or this is your first time, we want to connect with you! We want to know you and keep you in the loop.

Ask a Question

In short, no. We know that God created us to be in community and believe that people grow best when they live in community together. You’re welcome to join us online as long as you desire, however, we’d love to have you join us in-person. There you’ll have the ability to meet people face-to-face and get connected.

Plan a Visit

When You're Ready, We're Ready For You Plan A Visit

Checking out a church for the first time can be intimidating or confusing. We know that's why many people prefer to watch online! But, we also want to meet you in person because you are an integral part of this church family.  

Our weekend services are the primary way we gather as a whole church. These experiences are central to who we are and a great first step to get connected to life at Grace. We gather for about an hour each weekend to worship together, listen to a message from God’s Word, pray and respond to God’s Spirit.  

Plan A In-Person Visit

More Resources

Looking for resources to help you grow? Our resource center contains dozens of topics like abuse, addiction, grief, marriage, parenting, trauma, and more all designed to help you wherever you are today. 

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