Photography Team

Grace Church Photography 

We seek to document, support, and tell the stories of the people and ministries of Grace Church through photography. We want to show others that they are precious in His eyes by showing them that they are precious in our eyes. 

Photography Team

What do we ask of volunteers?

Please read the following, then complete the form by clicking below. 

  • that you agree to the statement above

  • that you agree to the image use statement below

  • that you try to attend at least 2-3 team gatherings each quarter

  • that you volunteer for photography opportunities at least 2-3 times each quarter

  • that you submit a background check (Grace Kids requires this)

Photographer & Grace Church Agreement

As volunteers, we assign rights to use images uploaded as designated by Grace Church to Grace Church including photographs, artwork, videos, etc. captured or created while serving as a volunteer at Grace Church. This applies to all such activities ‘on site’ or ‘off site’ as a volunteer. I grant Grace Church permission to use these works as mentioned above without monetary compensation. This includes a royalty-free license for Grace Church Partner not-for-profit organizations which might benefit from the use of these images at the discretion of Grace Church. Although we (individually) may use the images we’ve uploaded for our own portfolios or other personal use, they may not be used commercially or by any other organization without the permission of Grace Church, and likewise Grace may not permit their commercial use without the permission of the Photographer (if identified in the image data). Essentially, these images may not be used by any party for commercial (sales or direct revenue generation) purposes unless specifically authorized by both parties (Grace Church Communications Pastor/Director or Photographer if identified in image data).

**If a background check is required, we will send that form to you separately upon receipt of this completed information below. 

Volunteer Signup

If you have any questions or would like to have additional information, contact


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