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Church services happen on weekends. And that's all well and good until we get to Mondays and find ourselves asking, "Now what?" We hear you. 

Welcome to Between Sundays. Ranked #32 best religious podcasts in Saudi Arabia, Between Sundays is made up of hosts Tyler, Maron, and Barry come to you each week to catch you up on what you may have missed from the weekend messages, or find yourself talking about within your community. Oh and they shoot the breeze quite a bit. 

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Barry Rodriguez
Lead Pastor
Tyler Bender
Pastor - Digital Experience
Maron Gaffron
Pastor - Weekend Experience

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Between Sundays

Between Sundays Why Did Jesus Die? - Between Sundays Podcast Episode 150

March 30, 2021

Between Sundays - A Grace Church Podcast
168 - Train Yourself Up!
Sep 15, 2021

We're getting in the gym to train ourselves in genuine faith! We regroup for week 2 of our sermon series, Carry on, focusing on Paul's encouragement to the younger Timothy.


Podcast Description

Church services mostly happen on the weekends. And that's all well and good but we spend most of our time between Sundays. Welcome to a podcast for normal people by normal people that dives into conversations and stories happening in and around Grace Church. 3 staff members host this weekly podcast and process weekend sermons, interview interesting people, and shoot the proverbial breeze every week. This is Between Sundays!