Identity & Purpose, Isolation Jerald's Story: Isolation

Meet Jerald Cosey, Executive Director of American Senior Communities and Healthcare Speaker. He is a healthcare hero who is investing in senior citizens to give them the love, respect, and care they deserve. After losing both of his parents, Jerald was taken in by his loving grandparents. Growing up, he saw the dedication it took raising a young boy at an older age and that's when God planted a seed in him. Fast forward a few years, Jerald began attending Grace and learned about the 6 Broken Places. He immediatly felt a strong calling to heal the broken place of isolation in senior citizens and knew he had to jump right in. Over the last 20 years, Jerald's worked tirelessly to bring hope and community to a group that's often forgotten about, but incredibly important because many of them have shaped many of us today. 

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