Identity & Purpose, Injustice Kirsten's Story: Injustice

In 2007, Kirsten felt God calling her to Grace but wasn't sure why. It didn't take long after attending for the first time for Kirsten to jump right in. She did so by going on a short-term mission trip to New York. There she worked with New York City Relief to feed, clothe, and support the homeless population. On that trip, God ignited a fire in Kirsten and she was ready for more! Within a few years, her husband, Marcus, opened the Grace Care Center and she's been a lead volunteer in the food pantry ever since. But, she still felt God calling her to the broken place of injustice. In 2018, she and Marcus began the adoption process and adopted their son a few months later. Kirsten continues to pursue injustice with all her heart and soul through the Care Center, Wheeler Mission, and more! 

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