Injustice, Racism Ending Racism Begins With The Church

By Tyler Bender

We mourn as individuals. We mourn as a community. We mourn as a nation.

Over the last week, our country has experienced extreme hatred and racism. It's hard to wrap our minds around such injustice and evil. But, our leaders are here for us. They're praying and processing through these deep and difficult issues. And, they want to share their insights with you.

Meet Mark Flagg and Steve Perkins, two elders on the Governing Board at Grace. Below are some thoughts they wanted to share as we move ahead in the coming days and weeks.

Steve Perkins, Elder
I see a shooting and a demon whispers in someone's ear, "Racism." And it may be or may not be, but division forms and widens. I see a protest and a demon whispers in someone's ear, "It's just those Blacks (or liberals or millennials, fill in the blank)." And the protest may or may not be legitimate, but division forms and widens. There is no meaningful discourse on this, on politics, education, terrorism, anything. All I can see are demons whispering in our ears, and we know that God hates division and calls for unity. His own nature is one of tri-unity. Jesus prayed that His followers would be one.

I see a rapidly advancing and more open spiritual darkness spreading across the country and the world. Death reigns from gleefully celebrated and performed abortions to terrorism. While we acknowledge the specific details of the tragedies around us, we must become bolder about pointing to Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life. We must become loud Johnny One Notes in the public square for one thing and one thing only, confession/repentance/acceptance of Jesus. And within the body of Christ we must pray for supernatural healing and revival.

Mark Flagg, Elder
I don't even know what to say. I'm floored. I'm speechless. I'm hurt. I'm scared. I met with a friend to do Way of Discipleship this morning and told him I just couldn't do our lesson. So, we spent the time looking for hope in God's word and prayed. I wish I didn't have to work today. I wish I could just spend the entire day in God's word and in prayer. How about you? What do you wish? What do you hope for? How are you praying?  

Last year, Dave Rod' preached on the topic of racism that we recommend you listening to or watching. We also have a great series on what we believe are the 6 Broken Places of the world and what you can do to begin healing each of them.


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