Mar - Apr 2017

The Power to Unleash the Kingdom of God

Tim Ayers

Apr 2, 2017

The world is full of kingdoms: political kingdoms, social kingdoms, all sorts of kingdoms. And, just as Caesar's kingdom eventually ended, every other kind of kingdom will also someday end. But, at last, we can be certain that there is one everlasting kingdom with an eternal king who is unmatched in power and majesty and wisdom and strength and honor. A king who is truly worthy of being worshiped. We can also be certain that at last there is a kingdom with one primary purpose: repairing all that has been broken by sin and death. At last, there is a Kingdom filled with people who can lead others directly to the one that offers the reconciliation and healing this broken world so desperately needs. At last, we can know that our lives can be filled with meaning, purpose, destiny and the power of the Kingdom of God...At last. At last. At last.