Along the Way: A Podcast of Life-Changing Stories

Along the Way: A Podcast of Life-Changing Stories

Posted on April 03, 2016

“You should do a podcast for the Way of Discipleship,” suggested Tyler Bender last summer. Four problems with that suggestion from our new Sr. Director of Communications:

1. I have never done a podcast.
2. I rarely listen to them.
3. Grace has never done a podcast (other than sermons).
4. I don’t like my voice on audio. (Does anyone?)

But because I like Tyler and trust his judgement, I agreed and immediately recruited Stacia Matthews to be my co-host. Stacia spent 23 years as a TV reporter. Like me, Stacia had never done a podcast and rarely listened to them, but at least I had one professional with experience! We both settled down when Tyler explained that a podcast is simply a radio show on the internet that people subscribe to, typically through an app.

Our goal for the new podcast, called “Along the Way,” is to share stories of life-change through the Way of Discipleship. So far, we have recorded seven podcasts. Each podcast is about a 20-30 minute conversation with someone (disciple/discipler) in the Way of Discipleship, focused on one of the 11 practices of following Jesus, and to demonstrate how they’ve been impacted overall. For example, we spoke with Grant Sterley (in photo with Stacia) about how he has grown through the practice of Studying the Word of God in his relationship with Aaron Elliott, and how he has engaged in a new ministry initiative called Project Eden.

Despite my initial hesitancy to record a these podcasts, Stacia and I are having a great time and thoroughly enjoying these conversations. Tyler is our sound man and reminds us often not to tap pens on the table during recording! So, find us on iTunes and search for “Along the Way: Stories From the Way of Discipleship”, OR look for us on the Grace App under Media. And, if you have a story to share, please e-mail me at Maybe we can get you on an upcoming edition of “Along the Way!”

Along the Way Podcast