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What If God Never Heals My Depression?

Posted on July 17, 2018

Suicidal thoughts are not new to me. Mental illness is not new to me, though for most of my life neither I nor anyone else could pinpoint what I was struggling with. People...

How Do You Know When You're Being Tested?

Posted on February 16, 2018

Michelle explains how she’s not convinced that the circumstances are the test. She believes that the test is this: Do you gain faith, or do you lose faith?


I Wish I Wasn't Depressed

Have you ever found yourself saying something along the lines of "I just wish things could slow down," or "I wish I could get past this pain," or "I wish I wasn't so depressed?" Take a break from your busy schedule and find refuge in God. Click here to watch/listen.

RightNow Media Recommendations

Depression Isn't the End

Hallie grew up in a happy home, so when she started to experience depression, she didn't know why or even what to do. God moved in mighty ways through her family and friends to bring her to the place she is today. Watch now.

When Depression Hits

In this session from the 2010 Leadership Network Turning Point Conference, Liz Swanson, Project Director for Tango Relationship Initiative, shares about a time in her life when she faced depression and offers practical advice for those going through depression. Watch now.

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