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Sacred Marriage

Your marriage is more than a sacred covenant with another person. It is a spiritual discipline designed to help you know God better, trust him more fully, and love him more deeply. Sacred Marriage doesn't just offer techniques to make a marriage happier. It does contain practical tools, but what married Christians most need is help in becoming holier husbands and wives. This book may very well alter profoundly the contours of your marriage.
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Your Time-Starved Marriage

At the heart of this book is the Internet-based Time-Style Marriage Assessment, which helps you uncover your unique time style. Once you know your time style and that of your spouse, this book will show you how to leverage them for powerful results. Your Time-Starved Marriage helps you: Dispel the two lies every time-starved couple believes and maximize the minutes that matter most in your marriage.  
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Staying in Love

We all that what's required to fall in love...a pulse. Falling in love is easy, but staying there, that's something else entirely. With more than a thousand matchmaking services available today and new ones springing up all the time, finding a romantic match can be easier than ever. But staying together with the one you’ve found seems to be the real challenge. Follow along as Andy Stanley takes you through the four sessions of Staying in Love.
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Helpful Articles

One Practical Way to Unify Your Marriage Today

Posted on August 28, 2018

Admit it. We all secretly desire the rom-com marriage model. We want to bump into the person who, without any effort on our part, has insight into our souls. You know, that...

Two Life Altering Moments at Grace

Posted on March 02, 2018

BY DARRIN BOYD, GRACE ATTENDER Last Sunday was another life-changing moment for me. And itís the kind of news God has encouraged me to share. Before I tell you about...

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This FREE resource includes thousands of streaming videos to help you with parenting, marriage, discipleship, finding your you were made for more calling, and more. You can have group members watch streaming video study sessions on their personal device before your meeting, or you can even watch the session during your meeting. Many video studies also offer study guides you can purchase online. 
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Marriage as a Picture

We love marriage—boy meets girl, they get married, and live happily ever after. But marriage never works out that way. It's messy and complicated. Dr. Deepak Reju, Associate Pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, sheds light on the various aspects of marriage. Watch now.

Marriage Oneness

In these dynamic, video-based sessions that any couple with a passion for marriages can lead, Marriage Oneness equips couples to grow in true intimacy, connection, and purpose—and experience closeness for a lifetime. Watch now.

Resource Apps


Lasting makes marriage counseling simple. Build a healthier, happier relationship in a few minutes a day with the #1 marriage counseling app. Lasting gets to know your relationship and creates a program to help you build and maintain the health of your marriage. Whether you want to deepen your connection in new ways, repair a broken part of your marriage, or learn specific skills, like communication and conflict, Lasting will walk with you every step of the way with counsel based on decades of research.
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The Bible calls those of us who are married to high standards... standards that go against the grain of culture. Marriage isn't simply a way to find individual happiness; a 'very good' marriage can be a beacon of God's light in a very dark world. And this is profoundly important. Click here to watch/listen.

Nourishing Mutually Supportive Relationships

To live a sustainable life over the long haul we each need a balanced array of spiritually nourishing relationships. Sustainability strongly depends on community. Click here to watch/listen.

When Your Marriage is in Trouble

Almost every couple will go through a time in their marriage that is unexpected… when things have changed and the future is uncertain. And how we respond to that moment will make all of the difference. Discover ways to make your marriage what God intended. Click here to watch/listen.

Local Support Groups

Marriage Enrichment Classes - East 91st

This is a series of 4-6 week, biblically based marriage classes, and occasional weekend retreats or conferences. Classes address a variety of different relationship topics, and rotate between Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights and Sunday nights throughout the year. Learn more at

  • Biblical Marriage Resources for ABFs and Small Groups: Some of our most impacting biblical marriage teachings have been packaged as 4- or 6-week topics for Life Groups, small groups, and ABFs.

  • Engaged Couples Class: This class will be offered multiple times per year and is suitable for pre-engaged and engaged couples. This format brings 6-10 pre-married couples together as they prepare for marriage. Facilitated by several of our leadership couples, we see this as a great way to begin a discipleship relationship with these couples as we prepare them for marriage, and hope to connect them with each other and, potentially, Marriage Mentors after the class. This class fulfills one of the requirements for getting married at E91.

  • E91 Marriage Mentoring: This is a marriage education and support strategy that pairs an experienced married couple alongside another couple to help them navigate through the ups and downs of their relationship. Marriage Mentoring is great for newly married couples or couples desiring to make a good marriage even stronger.

Rapha Marriage Restoration Ministries 

Rapha's Mission is to bring restoration, healing, and relief of distress to marriages and families; including those experiencing financial stress and who would otherwise have no access to such help. We are to help bring reconciliation through Jesus Christ and the power of God's Word. Learn more here. 

Retrouvaille Marriage Ministry

This program is for couples with marital problems that want marriage help. Those who are considering marriage separation and those who are already separated or divorced are encouraged to consider the Retrouvaille Program. There is always hope of reviving your relationship. Some couples come to Retrouvaille during the initial signs of a marriage problem. Other couples are in a state of despair and hopelessness when they attend the program.   Learn more here. 

A Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference

Couples attend Weekend to Remember because they’re ready to invest in their marriage and intentionally move towards oneness. We help you understand God’s blueprint for marriage so you can create a legacy of greatness. Each getaway begins Friday evening and continues through noon on Sunday. It’s filled with informative group sessions and alone time with your spouse. You will never be asked to share intimate details of your relationship with anyone. Individually, couples complete special projects designed to reignite the spark and keep the flame burning! Learn more here. 

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