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We partner with indigenously-led ministries in the U.S. and around the globe to expand our people’s view of God’s Kingdom and cultures by providing opportunities for life transformation through serving. Click below to learn more about a specific partner. To learn more about Short-term trips, click here. If you have questions, contact Alison Druckemiller.

ALARM, African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries, is an African led and African based organization that focuses on equipping leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to truly transform their communities. Serving in many post and current conflict regions in central-eastern Africa, ALARM pours their efforts into training and transforming communities through servant leadership and the Christian message of forgiveness and reconciliation. ALARM’s programs are designed for grass roots church and community leaders, women, youth, government officials, teachers, military professionals and Christian professionals (lawyers, police and, chaplains).

Get involved:
Contact: Michele Leach at

The strategy of Bridges of Hope is to develop long-term relationships with in-country ministry partners that are actively engaged in caring for the poor and marginalized in their country. We mobilize teams from the US to engage in projects through coordination with these organizations to significantly impact their communities through the provision of medical care, social outreach, homes and business development with micro-enterprise programs.

Get involved:
Contact: Chris Johnson at or 371.848.2028.


Hands of Hope uniquely and deeply loves orphans at home and around the world. They believe the best place for any orphan is in a family so they do all they can to support adoption, including financial support for Indiana families. Knowing that not all orphans are adoptable but all can be cared for, they partner with Children’s Homes both locally and internationally. Believing that God wants to use the church to care for orphans and vulnerable children in our community, Hands of Hope provides volunteer opportunities to love and serve foster care children and support foster care parents.


Hands of Hope seeks to serve their partner children’s homes through short-term mission trips where they build relationships and go deep with the children at the homes. Although the trips do planned activities with the children, the main purpose of the trips is to love and serve the children, while also encouraging the care givers.

Serve on a Trip:
Get involved:
Contact: Suzy Roth at or 317.508.1871

In His Steps (IHS) is a Christian non-profit organization whose mission is to use innovative and specialized ministries to impact the lives of people for the glory of God, specifically with at risk children, juvenile offenders and, their families, in the marginalized black community of Canton, Mississippi. IHS does this by providing safe, after-school and Saturday morning learning programs, weekly discipleship Bible studies, family support services for parents of juvenile offenders and a long-term preventive ministry for youth called SPASE. These programs provide vital spiritual and academic development for Canton youth and their families and young inmates. In His Steps has also provided short-term missions opportunities for the students of Merge, Senior High Ministry of Grace Church and four other churches and colleges for over 18 years. These trips focus on racial reconciliation and compassionate care for our students as well as the people of poverty-stricken Canton.

Get involved:
Contact: David Quigley at or 317.730.7822

Missions Frontier is located in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. Chichicastenango is a rural mountain town where poverty, physical abuse, and ceremonial witchcraft are common. Missions Frontier supports the local church through Kingdom business, short-term trips, education and community projects. The ministry owns a hotel and uses its profits to fund local programs like medical clinics, English camps, Christian-based schools, home construction and small businesses.

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Contact: Linda Williams at

Mission to Ukraine operates several programs that evidence God’s involvement and interest in Ukraine, a country struggling to emerge from years of spiritual darkness. A crisis pregnancy center counsels women to choose life instead of abortion. The LifeSavers Program provides medical aid, supplies and spiritual support to each mother and child for a minimum of 18 months. A comprehensive program for the disabled offers physical, occupational and play therapy. This program also offers medical assistance and spiritual and academic mentoring.

Get involved:
Contact: Betsy Rhoades at or 419.203.2260 or PO Box 30855, Indianapolis, IN 46230

Nehemiah Vision Ministries (NVM) is an international organization focused on transforming the lives of Haitians through education, health, and spiritual development. They do this by meeting basic needs and training young Haitians to become involved in rebuilding the foundation of Haiti. NVM currently is operating a Christian school for 300 local children, a medical clinic, an agricultural training and growing program, a church that is home to over 500 local villagers, and a basket/bead making/sewing class for local women.

Get involved:
Contact: Patty Lindley at or 317.258.0139

New York City Relief exists to connect the poor, addicted and abandoned in metro New York to a path of help and hope. The organization achieves this by connecting the poor and homeless on the streets with community resources to meet their needs. Their primary outreach, The Relief Bus, consists of converted school buses that contain a food service unit and counseling/referral office that serve specific outreach locations in New York City and urban New Jersey.

Get involved:
Contact: Kirsten Casteel at or 317.519.6896

ULICAF is a group of believers committed to healing Liberia from the destruction of a 14-year civil war. They hope to transform Liberia by responding to the Church’s critical needs—church planting, evangelism, education and the training of pastors and Christian leaders. ULICAF operates Liberia International Christian College to ensure Liberians have access to Christ-centered learning that will equip them to do the work of Christ in Liberia and throughout the world.

Get involved:
Contact: Russ Schwartz at or 317.566.8390

Partner Resources

The following resources are for sponsors of approved Partners at Grace.

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