Your Next Steps

Get Connected at Grace Church

1. Worship With Us

If you aren't attending Grace yet, worshiping with us on the weekends is a great place to start! Learn more about our children and student ministries - Grace Kids, Fuse Middle School and Merge High SchoolSee a list of campus service times and directions.

Worship Together Weekends

The first weekend of each month we call Worship Together Weekends! We invite all kids and students (2nd grade and older) to worship with their families in service. We believe that the younger generation is an integral part of the church body and that’s why we have Worship Together Weekends. Please note that our infant through first grade rooms are still open for those that would like to use them during these weekends.

2. Meet Our Campus Pastors

Be sure to meet our campus pastors and their team in the lobby after service where you can get to know a few other Grace attenders, learn more about our mission and find out your next step in becoming part of a group or team.

3. Get Involved in a Ministry or Group

Joining a small group or ministry team is vital to understanding and achieving your purpose as a follower of Jesus Christ. Ready to sign up, or want to see what we have to offer? Interested in getting involved? 
Connect with Us     

4. Serve Somewhere! 

We have a ton of serving opportunities for you. From Production Arts, to music & singing, to kids and students, to serving in our Care Center! Or maybe you want to serve one of our partner ministries! Or maybe you want to go on a mission trip. Bottom line, you have a lot to give to impact someone else's life, and there's something here for you! 

Serve with Us

5. Become a Member

The Covenant Community is Grace’s form of membership. They are the core leaders and servants of Grace who are vital participants in the plans for our present and our future. Learn more and sign up to become a member.