Kids Camp Parent Newsletter Tuesday Parent Newsletter

By Michelle Williams

DAY 2: The Courage Quest

Today’s quest is one for Courage, a Kingdom value we can learn much from Rahab in the book of Joshua. Rahab demonstrated courage in responding to the call of God. Obeying God can sometimes feel scary or uncomfortable, especially when we are accustomed to how this broken world works. Our symbol for courage is a braided cord—much like the braided crown of thorns that represents the royalty of Jesus. It took enormous courage for our King to wear such a crown. Ask your child about how they will act in courageous ways as they serve our true King.

Bible Verse: This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.  ~Joshua 1:9

Kingdom Knight’s Code: I will act with courage.

Great courage is required to serve God’s mission, but the destination is worth it. Our God does not leave us to make this journey on our own. God gave us an advocate—the Holy Spirit. At Grace Church, it’s our belief that the Holy Spirit is God’s indwelling presence: the source of power, guidance, and conviction in the life of a follower of Christ. No matter the fears we face or the adversaries we encounter, we are comforted along the way by the presence of our God. Our King demonstrated true courage when he came to claim us as his family, and that gives us the courageous resolve to follow him back to Eden.

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Outreach Today: In His Steps Ministries

Today, our courageous knights learned about life as a child in Canton, Mississippi. Canton is one of the poorest towns within the state of Mississippi, which is the poorest state in the nation. Following decades of racial tension and segregation, economic struggle and gang activity have become prevalent. Lack of opportunities and widespread crime have left many families vulnerable and in poverty. Be sure to ask your child what they learned about the three major struggles of Canton children—boredom, hunger, and fear—as well as how IHS is bringing the Gospel to boys and young men. Take some time tonight to find Canton, MS on the map and pray with your children for the success of this crucial ministry.

What's next at camp!

Wednesday is school spirit day, and we’re collecting dimes for our outreach goal!

Kingdom Come Prayer: Lord, we ask that you fill us with your Holy Spirit to give us courage and equip us to move as your healing representatives in this broken world. Lead us to the purposes you have planned for us, and allow us to serve as conduits of your gracious love. Amen.


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