Trip Date:

June 23-28, 2019

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Application Deadline:

February 24, 2019

For more information, contact:

Matthew Gray

Indy June 2019 (146th Street)

About This Trip

This trip is for 146th Street students age 8th-11th grade.

This team will we interact with the people of the East Side of Indianapolis, we will be sharpened by the Shepherd Team and the people of the near east side; as we learn more about the effects of poverty and the ways we can help. After this trip poverty will no longer be an abstract idea or set of statistics. Poverty will have names, faces, and stories.

We will serve the near east side neighbors in several distinct teams. One group will assist interns in elementary classrooms. Each class will provide tutoring, experiential learning, and field trips for grades 1st – 6th. Another group will assist Shepherd in connecting with children and families in area neighborhoods through the Paracletes project, and the Shalom Project doing various projects and activities in local parks and community events to provide awareness of local opportunities for Shepherd.

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