Dec 2017

Zechariah: Salvation

Barry Rodriguez

Dec 3, 2017

When you look at Luke & Acts together, you realize that it isn't a biography of Jesus. The second half isn't even about him. It's about his Church! This is the story of God's salvation coming to all of humanity through Jesus.

Looking at it with that perspective in mind, you realize that the first couple chapters of Luke aren't actually the beginning of anything. They're a continuation. They're picking up the threads of a story that started long before - all the way back at the beginning of the people of God. Luke wants his readers to know that the story they are caught up in - the story of Jesus and his Church - is the same story they read about in the Old Testament. The story of Abraham and Moses and David and the Israelites.

This is all one story. The story of God's mission to redeem humanity.