Jun - Aug 2018


Tim Ayers

Aug 12, 2018

Over the last 11 weeks we have looked at seven of the genres or different types of literature found in the Bible... genres such as the Bible's Historical writings, its prophetic writings, and the Gospels to name three. And today we come to our final genre of Biblical literature and I don't believe we could be ending our series with a more complicated, difficult, controversial or opinion-creating genre than what we are looking at today. Today's genre is called Apocalyptic Literature. This is a type of writing that is only found in 2 of the books of the Bible; the second half of the Old Testament prophetic book of Daniel is apocalyptic and then there is one, big apocalyptic book right at the end of the Bible... the Book of the Revelation, a book that probably causes more controversy and confusion than any other book in the Bible. This sermon looks at Revelations 21:1-7. It is here, in Revelation that all of God's desires for his world and all our desires for our lives are tied together. Yes, we are a people who can feel downtrodden. Yes, we can tire of the difficulties of life. Yes, we can easily be misunderstood and seen as outsiders and yet the reality is that our king is on the thrown... he has been on the throne since the beginning of time and he will be on the throne for eternity.