Jun - Sep 2017

Run to It: Mark 1:16-45

Dave Rodriguez

Jun 11, 2017

Run to it. Run to the danger. Run to the tragedy. Run to the chaos. Run to the brokenness. Run to the need. Run to the uncomfortable. Run to that which will likely cost you dearly.

Run to it. It is the mantra and heroes and heroines. And it is one of the very first lessons and expectations Jesus laid upon those curious enough to follow him.

  • He built it into their DNA

  • He formed their world view around it

  • He prophetically called them to it

Jesus fully expected that anyone who bore his name who associated themselves with him who identified with Him would be people who would run to it. Does it define you? Do you, like the White Helmets naturally run straight into the teeth of danger for the sake of others? Do you live like the first responder you were intended by Jesus to be?

We are seeking to define ourselves. To define you. Any of you who refer to yourself by the nickname Christian.