Now What?

Dave Rodriguez

Sep 3, 2017

First century Christians:

  • Had a reputation for loving both God and people in unusually intense ways.

  • Were the first to run to it: the pain, danger, and tragedy of the world.

  • Seemed to bring sanity and peace into desperate situations.

  • Were shockingly inclusive (gender, slaves, nationalities, socioeconomic).

  • Had a reputation for being selfless and caring. healed, shared,

  • Became known for an internal integrity that didn't depend on strict legalism.

  • Seemed more courageous through personal storms.

  • Had a startling love for Jesus, holding nothing back from Him.

And, they were persecuted for this. But, what we've learned from them is that we must:

  1. Hold nothing back from God.

  2. Love people outrageously.

  3. Run to the Broken Places of this world.

  4. Speak boldly of Jesus always & everywhere.