Nov 2018

Anything Can Happen

Nov 4, 2018

Grace Church sits at the intersection of two truths:

  1. The world is broken.

  2. You were made to find your calling and change the broken places.

Throughout this series, you'll learn that:

  • This church will breed champions of justice who love the marginalized and confront the endless cycles of poverty and hopelessness. 

  • Grace will be a source of healers who confront pain – prayer and hugs and tenderness. 

  • This church produces nurturers who create community that provides love for the lonely and isolated. 

  • This church makes activists who stand against hate, racism, bigotry, and tribalism.

  • This church encourages stewards who seek to heal the physical world. 

  • Grace Church gives rise to ambassadors of the gospel who lead people to salvation.