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Life Lessons & Birthday Wisdom

Posted on April 02, 2019

BY ROSIE WITTLEDER, GRACE ATTENDER One of my older sisters has this practice of asking for “Birthday Wisdom” each year on your birthday. It’s basically an invitation to...

How To Honor Your Parents As They Age

Posted on September 20, 2018

Before I got married, my husband and I knew we would face a number of situations we had to plan for and think through.  How will we handle our money?  Where’s...

Between Sundays Episode 1 - Aging

Posted on November 08, 2017

In the very first episode of Between Sundays Tyler, Maron & Barry talk about aging. What is legacy, why should we care and how do we help loved ones "finish" well? But before...

Sermon Series

Won't You Be My Neighbor

This series will focus on the big idea that every human being was created to live within a caring and compassionate community of love, where all are welcome and who help one another grow. Click here to watch/listen.


When Caring for Aging Parents

We must devote ourselves to helping our aging parents live as meaningful a life as possible for as long as they can. We can do this by helping them cope with the physical realities of aging, being aware of the emotional struggles they face as they process the end of their lives, and by helping them keep their souls alive. Click here to watch/listen.


This sermon will show us what it looks like to finish well. The Bible gives us numerous examples of people who did just that: Abraham, Moses, and John to name a few. What we can learn, especially from John, is that finishing well involves knowing Jesus and loving others. Click here to watch/listen.

RightNow Media Recommendations

This FREE resource includes thousands of streaming videos to help you with parenting, marriage, discipleship, finding your you were made for more calling, and more. You can have group members watch streaming video study sessions on their personal device before your meeting, or you can even watch the session during your meeting. Many video studies also offer study guides you can purchase online. 
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Serving Senior Adults

In this real-life story, Katie gives of her time by visiting, serving, and loving on the elderly on a consistent basis. Use this clip to teach on serving others and making a difference. Watch now.

Local Support Groups

Together Today - Grace Church

Our Together Today Program provides an excellent opportunity for older adults to get together on a regular basis, make new friends, and have a wonderful time socializing together. The goal of the program is to prevent isolation and create community. Together Today is a time of gathering for lively conversation, playing cards and games, enjoying entertaining and educational programs, and sharing lunch. This group meets at Grace Church on Mondays from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Lunch is provided by a generous sponsor to the group, followed by a planned activity or presentation. The program is free of charge to any older adults in Hamilton County. Transportation is available upon request. Learn more at

Elder Care Resource Locator

This site helps you research senior programs and services nationwide. Learn more

Central Indiana Council on Aging

This site contains helpful resources pertaining to coaching and education for seniors and their caregivers. Learn more

Online Resources

Counselor Referrals

  • Kathleen Maxey – (317) 750-4481

  • Kelli Franz – (317) 431-3021