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Porn Kept Me Trapped in My Secret Shame

Posted on January 18, 2019

Courtesy of our friends at NewSpring Church.   Kate Mardis, a pastor's daughter, hid her porn addiction for 13 years. Confessing to friends began her journey to freedom. About...

How Do I Know if I'm Helping or Hurting?

Posted on October 20, 2018

It is heartbreaking to watch someone throw away their life by refusing to take responsibility for their choices. I know because I’ve watched it.  My close friend is an...

God Never Gives Up

Posted on August 28, 2018

BY TOM DUKE, GRACE ATTENDER I have been told numerous times lately, and with very clear direction from God, that my story needs to be shared in a larger capacity…but in...

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Freed from Pornography

Hannah felt hopeless and alone in her addiction to pornography. Caught in a cycle of sin, the guilt and shame were heavy to carry. When she finally shared her secret with her mentor, Hannah found overwhelming love, grace, and healing, and experienced God’s forgiveness. Watch now.

Pornography's Devastation

In this real-life story, Kelly shares how Chris never seemed interested in sex. She became insecure and unhappy. A few years later, she found pornography around the house. She was heartbroken and wanted to be connected. Chris wanted to be able to control it and stop viewing it. Watch now.

How to Fight Pornography Well

Matt Younger, Groups Pastor at The Village Church, talks about porn addiction and how to encourage group members to fight it with the help of the Spirit. Watch now.

Confessing to Sexual Struggles

Pete shares his struggle with pornography and masturbation and the choice he made to confess those sins to others. Watch now.

Helpful Apps

Sober Grid

Sober Grid connects you instantly to sober people nearby and around the world. Remain completely anonymous or choose what you want to share!

• Find sober people near you
• Chat with others and send private messages
• Post messages, photos, and videos to share with your community
• Sobriety calculator to keep track of how many days sober you've achieved

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rTribe is the first counseling and habit change platform to offer an innovative smart-match solution (via our proprietary TribeMatch™ technology) to the best licensed therapists and certified coaches combined with world-class peer support, accountability and analytic insights. Finally, people can find affordable, ‘just in time’ support and experience deep transformation. rTribe connects people with themselves, their purpose, community, and professional care.

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Local Support Groups

Every Man's Battle - Northview Church

Every Man’s Battle is designed for men to support and challenge one another in the face of sexual temptation and in the battle to live pure lives. This is an Open Group, which means participants can join any week. Learn more at

Every Young Man's Battle

Every Young Man’s Battle is a small group of high school guys, ages 15-18, designed to support and challenge one another in the face of sexual temptation and in the battle to live pure lives. This is an Open Group, which means participants can join any week. Learn more at

WholeHearted: Women's Sexual/Relational Integrity - Northview Church

WholeHearted is a women’s sexual/relational integrity recovery group. Join this community of women who come to Jesus together to be fully known, accepted and made whole. This is an Open Group, which means participants can join any week. Learn more at

Women in Battle: Partner Betrayal - Northview Church

Has your life been affected by your partner’s sexual and/or emotional betrayal (such as pornography use or infidelity)? Come experience this safe and confidential community of women on a journey together of hope and healing from betrayal trauma. This is an Open Group, which means participants can join any week. Learn more at

180XChange - East 91st

180XChange is a life change recovery community of Christ believers who gather together weekly to encourage each other and apply spiritual action steps to overcome the pain and unmanageability of life. We aim to help people begin a journey that allows God to heal, transform, and create the image of their true self as a child of God. 180XChange will surround you with a community who will walk alongside you as you learn to live life without destructive coping behaviors and begin to experience the peace, joy, and trust that comes only from living God's design for your life. Learn more at

Living Truth

Welcome to Living Truth! We exist to equip teens, college students, and adults to win the battle for sexual purity and provide support for the betrayed spouse. We would be honored to help you, your loved ones or your ministry in any way that we can. Learn more at


Porn addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome, but XXXchurch is your resource online for pornography addiction help. We prevail over sex and porn addiction through awareness, prevention, and recovery. Learn more and connect in a small group at

Counselor Referrals

  • Curtis Trent – (317) 585-1060

  • Chad Sudsberry – (317) 514-9026

  • Cheryl Vance – (317) 474-6448

  • Kathy Henry – (317) 727-8939

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