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It's vital to invite God into your life difficulties through prayer. We believe in the power of prayer and know that it can be life changing. If you'd like to submit a prayer request, please click the button below and the prayer team would be honored to pray for you. 
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Hope Rooms

Hope Rooms are available at each campus. They're a safe place for you to bring whatever physical, emotional, relational or spiritual issue that is plaguing you. A member of our trained prayer team will pray with you for hope, healing, and freedom. 
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Group Studies & Activities

Prayer, Does It Make Any Difference

Philip Yancey probes the very heartbeat of our relationship with God: prayer. What is prayer? Does it change God's mind or ours or both? This book is an invitation to communicate with God the Father who invites us into an eternal partnership through prayer.
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Fresh Wind Fresh Fire

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire shows what the Holy Spirit can do when believers get serious about prayer and the gospel. As this compelling book reveals, God moves in life-changing ways when we set aside our own agendas, take him at his word, and listen for his voice.
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Draw The Circle

Inspired by Mark Batterson's bestselling book The Circle Maker, Draw the Circle shares inspiring stories of God's answers to prayer, daily scriptures, and prayer prompts, to stir you to pray and keep praying like never before. Let this book be your 40-day guide to experiencing more passionate, persistent, intimate communication with God.
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How To Pray

How to Pray provides practical wisdom and instruction to help readers nurture their spiritual beliefs and embrace prayer in all its forms. While many people would like to speak to God, they often don’t know how to begin. Lewis guides them through the practice, illuminating the significance of prayer and why it is central to faith.
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Prayer Toolbox

The Prayer Toolbox is a reference guide providing prayer ideas to refresh, renew, and inspire your prayer life, so you can grow ever closer to God. Before diving in, the most important thing to remember is that God loves you. No matter what you've done (or haven't done), no matter how much you've prayed (or haven't prayed), He loves you all the same. We hope this can be a helpful tool for when you're feeling like you're stuck in a prayer rut.
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Helpful Apps


We believe that prayer is a powerful and effective way for us to connect with God. If you're anything like us, the biggest obstacles that keep you from praying are difficulty organizing or keeping a list of your prayers, and then actually remembering to pray for those things when life gets busy. Echo was created to solve these problems, and to give you space to engage with your Creator.
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Listen to stories from the Bible. Create healthy habits with our Daily Prayers, Bible Bible Stories, and other spirit-filled content. Go to bed to the word of Lord with our Biblical Bedtime Stories. Pray with your church, life group, friends, and others. Get stunning daily devotionals and more!
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RightNow Media Recommendations

This FREE resource includes thousands of streaming videos to help you with parenting, marriage, discipleship, finding your you were made for more calling, and more. You can have group members watch streaming video study sessions on their personal device before your meeting, or you can even watch the session during your meeting. Many video studies also offer study guides you can purchase online. 
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God and Prayer

How do you talk to God? Does God actually hear our prayers? The Curiosity Collective brings together thought leaders, subject matter experts, pastors, and theologians to explore these difficult questions. Click here to watch.

What Is Prayer?

What does it mean to pray to a God that we cannot see? What really is prayer? Use this dramatic illustration to teach on the topic and purpose of prayer. Click here to watch.

Unanswered Prayer

Garrick’s dad had cancer and even though he prayed, his dad died. Garrick was angry at God, feeling as though prayer was useless. See how reconnecting with God through youth group ignited his prayer life. Click here to watch.

Morning Prayer

Our lives touch others as we work, raise kids, volunteer, and hang out with friends. This moving illustration inspires us to live out each day with the mission to make an impact for Christ. Click here to watch.

Prayer Hands

Opportunities to pray are all around us, but do we really see them? This funny illustration reminds us to put prayer first. Click here to watch.

Prayer & Sovereignty

When Tyler’s father got cancer, Tyler prayed for God to heal his dad, who did get better, only to end up getting cancer again. Tyler was distraught, not seeing the purpose of praying if God already knows everything. Click here to watch.

Sermon Series

Days of Wind & Fire

We still need the supernatural to become natural. We need the wind and fire of Acts 2 to become normative. We need to find a way to tap into prayer like never before. We need to find the portal to God’s world. We need power and prophecy and dreams and visions, and healing. We need revival and that is what this series is all about. Click here to view all sermons.

Individual Sermons

When God Feels Distant in My Pain

Lament is a prayer which includes complaint, anger, grief, despair, and protest to God. In Psalm 22, David laments to God by saying: "Thank you, God. You have rescued me." That's the beauty of biblical lament. It teaches us what it means to have faith in the midst of our pain. Click here to watch/listen.

Freedom From Sin

You do not have the willpower, the strength, or the intelligence to break free from the power of sin on your own. Sin is a hungry beast crouching at your door, and it is far too clever for you. You must rely on the Holy Spirit. Let the Spirit show you where you need freedom. Click here to watch/listen.

Jesus Prays for His Disciples

During the Last Supper, Jesus prayed that we would be one as he and the Father are one. This is what he’s talking about! We are being invited into the dance of self-giving love practiced for eternity by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Click here to watch/listen.

Negotiating With God

This week, we laid out the ground rules for approaching God. Invite Him into the home of your heart as He invites you into His. For the God who sees you invites you into a dangerous wonderous relationship with him that will change you and quite possibly change the world around you. Click here to watch/listen.

Re-Learn How To Pray

You want to stop drifting? Pray! Communicate with God. Many of you have surrendered your life to Jesus, you have made a covenant, you have entered into a "relationship" with Him. But you don't pray? How can you have a relationship without communication? It's not possible. Click here to watch/listen.


Anything is possible when we all commit to pray fervently on our own...but even more so when we gather together in small groups and large gatherings and we raise our voices together in passionate repentance worship and prayer. It is then we will see mountains move. Click here to watch/listen.

His Abiding Presence

Where is God when there's no happy ending? When you feel like you're all alone. When you're hurt, struggling, anxious or depressed. Cry out to God in prayer and you will see that God is with you. God is present. God is near. God is engaged. God is involved. Click here to watch/listen.


Devotions & Prayer

An Open Letter To God

Posted on March 28, 2020

BY ROSIE WITTLEDER, GRACE ATTENDER Dear God, Please help. We are overwhelmed, scared, and uncertain about the ways the coronavirus is unraveling us. We are living in...

Grateful For My Troubles

Posted on December 21, 2019

BY CATHY SCHAEFER, GRACE ATTENDER Dear brothers and sisters, whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy. For when your faith is tested, your endurance...

Grateful For Jesus Being A Radical

Posted on December 14, 2019

BY MICHELLE WILLIAMS, GRACE ATTENDER As I study the life of Jesus in the Gospels, Iím intrigued and energized to witness his interactions with women. He holds them in higher...