Hope Month

Healing the Broken Place of Hatred

We care deeply about healing 6 Broken Places in our world. There is HOPE to be had. And that's why, for four weeks, we're focusing on healing the broken place of hatred and finding ways to tell others "I'm so glad you're on this planet." There are ways to combat racism, prejudice, and discrimination. God has something to say about hatred and so we will discover what that is. Will you join us? 

How to End Racism & Hatred

All month, we will discuss choosing path of love vs. the path of hate. Choosing the path of hatred is what causes racism. Choosing the path of love is what heals it. Healing hatred and racism is not one of many "social justice topics." It's in line with the heart of God. If you join us, you will discover what it means to extend dignity to "the other," you will be challenged to engage with one of our many partners who are on the front lines of stopping racism and violence, and you will celebrate the path of love and HOPE!


Unified Series Curriculum

From kids to students to adults, we are all focusing on healing hatred. The following resources will be available all month to kids, students, adults, and Life Groups!

Life Groups Curriculum

Leader Guide

Participant Guide


We've also broken down the full-length Participant Guide into weekly sections to make it easier to follow! Feel free to print out or follow along throughout the series!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Kids & Students Curriculum

Middle School

Grace Kids


2019 Partner Catalog

At Grace, we get excited and celebrate when people step bravely into their God-given destiny. When we see our everyday lives as an extension of Jesus’ mission into the world, amazing things begin to happen around us. We see healing, new hope, fruitfulness, reconciliation, forgiveness, and freedom. People come alive! All through the power of Jesus working in and through us. Through the years, many Grace people have lived out their destiny by helping to start or grow some amazing ministries around the world. Some of those ministries have become official partners of Grace Church so that together we can bring hope to our broken world. Our Grace partners are ordinary people leading rescue missions of hope and healing around the world. But the best part is they don’t want to do it alone. We are invited to join their rescue missions and learn from them as they serve people in Jesus’ name. At Grace we believe this is one of the most effective ways of finding our own calling and destiny, by stepping out in faith to serve in God’s mission. The best time to start is now!

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Social Shareables

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